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This sauce is wonderful; so tasty. I made for dinner and had enough to freeze for another dinner. I did not add the second can of tomatoes only because I started the sauce in a smaller pot and would not fit. So, the one I froze was a little dry, so just added a little jarred marinara. Thank you for posting. Awesome sauce, will keep making again and again.

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Q & A's Mom August 27, 2015

Never having had Bolognese sauce before, I have nothing to compare it to. However, this is delicious. I prepared as directed and was delighted with the results. The flavors are wonderful. I have to admit that I never got around to preparing the linguini. After simmering, I packaged it for the freezer, leaving DH and I just enough for one meal. Lo and behold, early that evening, I looked up and he has fixed him a large bowl of this "soup" LOL! I told him that I was going to serve it over pasta and he said he liked the "soup" just like it was, so we had Bolognese "soup". Thanks Ed&Theresa! I am so glad I have some in the freezer!

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Bobtail February 21, 2007

Thank you Ed & Theresa for reminding me just how good a home-made Bolognaise sauce can be! I made this exactly to the recipe and the sauce was rich & bursting with flavour. I also made extra - I will freeze some for pasta dishes in the future or even for lasagne. A great CLASSIC recipe which was easy to follow and well written. Thanks for posting this - I even went out and bought the linguini this morning, just to go with this sauce!

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French Tart February 03, 2007
Linguini Alla Bolognese