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This sounded really good in concept but I found a couple of things that didn't seem to work. I did follow the recipe instructions and quantities exactly and it seemed like there wasn't enough sauce for all of the pasta. Also, I cooked the pasta to al dente according to the box directions and then when I followed the step that had you add the pasta to the sauce and cook it for another 3 minutes, the pasta became overcooked and seemed to suck up all of the sauce and left it lacking in flavor. We wound up having to drizzle a little bit of Greek dressing over the pasta to get some taste back into it. I hate giving bad reviews but this just didn't work. The sauce was really bold and tasty before I put it onto the pasta and cooked it. Maybe next time I'll just pour the sauce over the pasta and toss it with the feta before I serve it. This dish really has potential to be delicious if the cooking method is tweeked a little.

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PSU Lioness August 02, 2011
Linguine With Edamame and Tomatoes