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Excellent! The spicing results in a very flavorful but not overly peppery sausage. I trimmed the butt very well--so my sausage was a bit dry when grilled, but we loved the flavor. Made a terrific base for pasta sauce, too! I was a little unsure of using liquid smoke--but it isn't made of bizarre chemicals as I had feared. Thanks, Pets!

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Chef Kate January 12, 2007

I increased both the paprika and garlic and did several test samples (fry up a small patty) before finalizing. Also added 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar. The picture is using the small 21cm collagen casings . I have found a local store that sells bacon pieces in bulk for very cheap and I sub that for liquid smoke. I eat a very low fat diet and eat very clean however, sausages cannot be without some fat. These have an excellent deep flavor.

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V B. August 30, 2015

I followed your recipe and instructions, I did not deviate from them at all. Both myself and my 87 year old Portuguese Uncle , who is from Fall River , Mass ( both his parents where born in Sao Miguel , the Azores) and we tasted no hint of Liguisa? It tasted more like a basic breakfast sausage , minus the sage with more garlic. Could you review your recipe and see if maybe you left something out? And if to you this is genuine Portuguese Linguisa, I would have to just strongly disagree. We took such pains to follow it exact, and the other reviewers seemed to have got what they wanted, I'm just baffled.

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eddonnell March 05, 2015

The flavors are very good - even when freshly made. I used 2 Tblsp of Spanish smoked paprika and 1 Tblsp of Spanish smoked, hot paprika with excellent results. I didn't need to use liquid smoke or the cayenne (both of which are very easy to overdo). I didn't have the white pepper, so might be a little different. Overall an excellent linguica recipe.
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paellaprincess February 28, 2011

Loved this.. I can't find Portuguese sausages in my area and I don't get back to Rhode Island often enough to sate my craving. Thank you :)

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DeboraHarv614 February 25, 2011
Linguica Portuguese Sausage