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This is an excellent tuna recipe.
I have to say that, though, I often tinker with recipes, this recipe should be made AS WRITTEN if humanly possible.
DON'T substitute oil-packed tuna; the flavor and texture will both be affected.
DON'T substitute chunk light tuna for the albacore. Albacore is much drier than chunk light tuna, and the proportion of ingredients will be all wrong if you use chunk light.
DON'T use more onion. You only need a little onion to add volumes of flavor; too much and you will overwhelm the tuna.
DON'T substitute black olives for green. The briny taste of the green olives is the heart of the recipe; black olives have a much different texture and are not as salty, so there must be a drastic adjustment of ingredients if they are substituted.
BE CAUTIOUS if attempting to substitute Miracle Whip for real mayonnaise. Miracle Whip is much thinner and has a sweeter flavor than real mayonnaise, which can throw the entire recipe off.
DO spread mayonnaise on the bread if you are making a sandwich. This will prevent the bread from getting soggy.
Made as written, this is a delicious recipe for a tuna sandwich. Thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl March 19, 2011

I thought this recipe sounded great. I made a bunch of these for my Football party. (I thought the Bears would have done better) My friends did not care for them. The only changes I made to the recipe was to use 2 cans of regular oil packed tuna, Miracle Whip instead of real mayo, 14 black olives (because I like them better), and a whole onion (because I like onions).
My buddies said they were alright. The bread was soggy due to the amount of mayo on them. I applied mayo to the bread like you did. I appreciate your salesmanship. They were very easy to make and a great throw together appetizer. Thank God for my ribs. I think if I make this again, I%u2019ll use fresh tuna from our higher end market downtown and fewer olives.

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CONCHOBOR99 January 26, 2011

This is so yummy with the olives in this. I loved the salty, briney bite it gives the sandwiches. I made this for our soup and sandwich night. I will use this recipe again as the kids devoured them and asked for more.

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mommyoffour January 14, 2011

I made this last night for dinner. It was yummy! I used red onion instead of white, and did not have to add anything to the recipe, not even salt, which is unusual for me. Will make this again!

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charliedacia August 08, 2010

Never would have thought that all these years, olives were what have been missing to make our tuna fantastic. Made for Best of 2009 Cookbook Tag Game!

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TheGrumpyChef February 01, 2010

I made this when a friend came over for lunch. She and I both loved it. So did my husband. We all like olives so no surprise there really. I had some leftover sweet onion from another recipe that I used. Delicious and so easy, thanks for sharing!

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KeeperAtHome December 05, 2009

I could not believe how simple and easy this tuna salad is, and how delicious it is. The olives took the place of pickles for saltiness, and the overall result is absolutely divine! I am eating this as I review and I feel I have now found my number one tuna salad recipe...except when I am watching my sodium! I used only a few slices of onion, diced....but the onions I get seem to be really big. Otherwise I followed the recipe. I did eat this on Sandwich Thins, a new product I have discovered that is like a cross between a pita and bread. Really yummy sandwich! Thanks so much for posting this delicious and easy recipe! Made for Zaar Stars Tag!

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breezermom February 06, 2009

I( have always been a fan of tuna sandwiches, and boy I have stumbled upon the holy grail of tuna ingredients. The idea of green olives in tuna is almost counter intuitive, but something about it intrigued me so I gave it a shot. Man oh man, I couldn't believe how good the sandwich was. look no further than the green olives/onions combo if you want the best tasting tuna. If you don't like onions, use a smaller amount and dice them ultra fine and you won't even know they are there. Otherwise you would be missing out on the synergistic combination of flavor these two things bring to the party IMO. Five stars!

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Knute December 27, 2008

Oh.my.*goodness*. This recipe just made this tuna-hater a die-hard fan!!! I'm about to go back downstairs and snag another sandwich once the kids go to bed! I love green olives and I had some tuna so I thought it was worth the try! I only added about 1/4 of a white onion (super finely chopped) and for a little extra kick I threw in a couple dashes of worchestershire. I used a soft white bread with mayo on one slice and a smidge of mustard on the other. I added the tuna salad and a layer of Wavy Lays and...VIOLA. AWESOME! Now I can finally get rid of the random cans of tuna I keep on hand with pleasure! (I would rate this recipe more stars if I could!)

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Mommy2Peanuts October 29, 2008

This is a terrific tuna sandwich. I used less (low fat) mayo than ask for, baby spinach leaves for the lettuce and red onion. I usually add capers to my tuna sandwich's but the olives were a nice switch that still gave that bit of salt and flavor. A pita half was my bread of choice today. Yumm!

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Annacia January 24, 2008
Linda's Tuna and Olive Sandwich (Sandwiches) or Finger Rolls