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I had so much fun making these with my niece. She loved decorating them with the faces and made all kinds of funny ones! I used the spice gum drops and they made the cookies taste so good when you bit into one. We are giving them to all the kids in the family on their Christmas gifts along with a bow.

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Amanda's Pantry! December 18, 2008

I couldn't wait to make these for my DIL's baby shower. I followed the directions to a T, then after baking, trimmed the faces in blue or pink around the edge. My DIL is having twins so I thought it would be a cute idea to make some cookie faces. Everyone thought they were so cute and wanted to keep them instead of eat them, but I urged them to take a bite! They were enjoyed by all and the topic of conversation as we were munching out! Great recipe Linda!

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wendyt57 June 08, 2008

I saw this recipe recently and decided to make them with my grandaughter today. She was here for the holiday and I wanted to do something special with her. She is 3 and really enjoyed cutting out the eyes, noses, ears and mouths for these tasty cookies. We made big round faces, and they looked so cute coming out of the oven. They tasted great too! Great idea for sharing with the little ones Linda. My grandaughter and I loved making them together, and everyone else loved eating them! Arlene Added Note: I made these again with my grandaughter over the weekend and we made santa faces with icing along with using the gumdrops for the faces. They came out so cute! We had such a great time together. This will be a tradition with us each year now Linda. It was a SPECIAL day for both of us. Thank you again!

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ImACookingDiva December 03, 2007
Linda's Let's Make Gumdrop Faces