Linda's Egg, Shrimp and Olive Sandwiches or Finger Rolls

READY IN: 10mins
Recipe by Linda's Busy Kitchen

This luscious mix is delicious anytime! Great for showers, graduations, weddings, picnics etc. for finger sandwiches. Also good to spread on bagel or pita chips for a snack or appetizer! Try it. It's sure to please the palate :) Recipe doubles or triples easily for a crowd. You can also add finely chopped onion if you like. The yield on this recipe depends on how full you stuff the rolls, and how big the rolls are. I don't use the lettuce when making finger rolls, but it is great on a sandwich!

Top Review by QG

This was just what I was looking for. I had leftover shrimp and hard boiled eggs, and found this recipe using the ingredients search. I added some Old Bay seasoning. This made a great sandwich!

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  1. To Make Hard Boiled Eggs:.
  2. Add eggs, one at a time into water. Add 1 teaspoons salt.
  3. Cover, and bring water to a boil, over high heat. When water starts to boil, shut off and keep pan covered for 25 minutes.
  4. When time is up, drain water, and crack eggs on the counter all over, then running under cold water, peel all the shells off the eggs. (This makes peeling easy. Brown eggs are easier to peel than white eggs are).
  5. To Make Sandwiches:.
  6. Drain can of shrimp well, pressing down on top of lid hard. (I add some water to the can and do this a few times, to get rid of some of the salt).
  7. Shred the shrimp finely between your fingers.
  8. Chop the eggs finely, and add to shrimp.
  9. Add mayonnaise, mustard, and chopped olives.
  10. Salt to taste, and add pepper. Mix well.
  11. Top bread or rolls with lettuce, if using, then add mixture.

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