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These turned out so beautiful, very elegant looking and tasted wonderful. I used an 8 ounce package of cream cheese and scaled the rest of the ingredients accordingly, including double the amount of sugar as suggested by some of the other reviewers. I went to the farmer's market to get the strawberries so that I would have the freshest available. I piped the filling using a #32 tip, and sprinkled ground dark chocolate over the filling. I used a deviled egg tray as a serving platter so that the strawberries wouldn't roll around. I made these for a celebration of life gathering for a dear friend who passed away. That friend had given me a strawberry huller as a gift some years ago and it was always a little joke between us. So I wanted to do something with strawberries as a personal tribute. Her family was so touched, and I'm so glad this recipe turned out so well for us.

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Ginny Sue March 27, 2011

If i could give these 10 stars i would. These are amazing. i did add a little extra confectioner's sugar, like some reviewers suggested, and they came out divine. If you guys don't have frosting tips just pour the cream cheese mix into a ziploc bag and cut off a little tip on the corner of the bag.
I will be making these a lot from now on, thanks a lot!

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lasexygini October 04, 2011

These really were delicious! I loved the filling. It was so good with the strawberries! Instead of coating the outside with crushed nuts, I used up some crushed chocolate graham crackers that I had. Anything would be good on the outside, nuts, melted chocolate, crushed cookies...yum...it could be endless. Thanks so much for the recipe. Im sure to make again!

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*pink* July 20, 2010

These were so quick and easy, they are my new favorite for the "Bring Something" tab in my cookbook! I crushed up chocolate chips to mix with the almonds...YUM!

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Soup-R-Mom August 31, 2010

Well just as ALL the reviews say- These little desserts are sweet! They were the HOIT of the wedding shower I went to last night. They think i'm some culinary genious- IF they only knew how easy they are to make. Oh and a grapefruit spoon works really well at hollowing out the berries.

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Emmyalice June 05, 2010

Filled the strawberries and dipped the ends in melted semi-sweet chocolate. Did not have nuts, and HATE graham crackers, so omitted them. Whipped cream cheese was easy to work with. Will post a pic and will definitely be making these babies again.

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clevergirl3 March 23, 2013

Wow! These are great. Not too heavy after a large meal too. I used almonds but can imagine that dipping in chocolate would be great too. These are best eaten as soon as possible after making- I had some the day after and they were still good but a bit soggy! Would recommend piping the filling into the strawberries for a mess free experience.

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Learningtocook23 August 31, 2012

Oh my...I am not a big fan of cheesecake, but these are yummy! They take some time, but are well worth the wait, and far better than chocolate covered strawberries. I took the advice of other reviews and doubled the amount of powdered sugar to help offset the tartness of the berries. I took these to a large gathering, so I used 2 - 2lb containers of the largest, ripest strawberries I could find. The only other substitution I made was the cream cheese. Instead of plain cream cheese, I used Philadelphia ready to eat cheesecake filling, and for the other half, I used Philadelphia indulgence chocolate milk cream cheese. I almost didn't add the powdered sugar, thinking it might be too sweet because of the flavored cream cheese, but I'm glad I did. Instead of using almond bark, I used 1 - 7 oz. container of Baker's dipping chocolate to drizzle the berries after sprinkling sliced, crushed almonds to the top of them. These would even be great at Christmas with a touch of peppermint extract added to the filling and crushed peppermints on top. The possibilites are endless!

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DownHomeDinner April 08, 2012

I have made these several times but keep forgetting to rate this recipe. Everyone LOVES these! I have dipped the open end in almonds, vailla wafers and crushed graham cracker (anything on hand). I dip them in chocolate and stripe them with white chocolate, they are quiet the presentation and are gone in a FLASH!

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Mrs. Priss April 02, 2012

Using cream cheese is both overly time consuming because of how thick it is and also more fattening. I've been making this with greek yogurt the last few times and everyone loves them. I use the leftover strawberry chunks from hulling out the strawberries in muffins!

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dawn2701 June 24, 2010
Linda's Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries