Linda Thomas Melon-Berry Fruitcake

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READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by Baker Bernice

A REAL FRUIT-cake for the birthday of a special fruitcake friend! Linda Thomas developed this beautiful birthday fruitcake from conception to creation using fresh melons and berries, candles and fire. Beautiful & Healthy!


  1. Cut thick slabs from a round watermelon to use for cake layers. Trim rind from around slabs.
  2. Peel & cut cantaloupe into thin slices to use for frosting-like look between layers.
  3. Layer cantaloupe between watermelon slabs to build up cake. Insert wooden skewers down through layers from top (cut skewers to cake height, if necessary).
  4. Use toothpicks to arrange raspberries & blackberries upright to decorate cake -- use your imagination with this.
  5. Insert candles into top of watermelon. Fill-in around candles with blueberries and fill-in around cake plate with mixed berries and slivers of cantaloupe.
  6. Add fire!

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