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FT, these scones are DANGEROUSLY TASTY!!! :) They have such a lovely texture-very fluffy on the inside with a cheesy soft top and crusty bottom. Mmmm, the taste is amazing, too! Its very distinct, but not too strong. Even though these would certainly be perfect as is, I could not resist to add some garlic to the batter, which for me was a great addition. Unfortunately I could not locate lincolnshire poacher here, so I used a blend of a very nice strong goat's cheese and mild gouda. So yummy! I made half the recipe and ended up with 7 big scones. THANKS SO VERY MUCH for sharing this cheese lover's dream with us! :) Made and reviewed while virtually visiting England in Octobre 09.

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Lalaloula October 06, 2009

I made this twice already and can't wait to make it again. I really enjoyed having this savory scone for breakfast and with soup for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, but it still taseted wonderful. I used a food processor to cut in the butter, and since I like the crunchy point of a triangle scone, I made a disk and cut into wedges. Second time around, I used cream for half of the milk (just because it was sitting in the fridge), and it yielded a softer crumb. I liked it both ways. It also froze well. Just thaw it at room temperature, zap it in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds to get the inside warm, cover with foil in the toaster for 5 to 7 min. Just like fresh from the oven! I would love to try this with Lincolnshire Poacher some day. Thanks for a great recipe!

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SJMF August 13, 2008
Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Scones - Strictly for Grown Ups!