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Did a comparison test to compare lemoncello made with sugar, versus splenda. Here are the results.If I gave it star ratings, the original with sugar would get a 5 star, and the one with splenda would be a 3 star. let me begin by stating I used this recipe for both comparisions. There is nothing wrong with the lemoncello made with splenda.. IF you don't compareit to the one made with sugar, you'll be happy. With splenda it is fine. But, side by side with lemoncello made with regular sugar, the sweetness intensity is not there: its slightly less sweet. Also, It is slightly cloudy compared to regular lemoncello. The sweetness is stronger in the lemoncello(regular) made with sugar.Over all, it is really quite close if you are not a 'lemoncello gourmet'. Also, I used the same recipe in both the regular, and the splenda lemoncello experiment. I simply substituted the splenda for the sugar. By the way, we tried lemoncello on vanilla ice cream and topped it all with whipped cream.. Delicious. March 27...Made this using splenda several times, since the previous post, and wanted to let everyone know that you DO need to increase the splenda because it doesn't make it as sweet as the same amount of sugar does. Also, If you handle your container gently, and not stir up the settlings, you can strain it through several layers of cheese cloth, twice, and it does so much better. We won't be using sugar anymore.

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Lou February 27, 2007

Made this recipe in preparation for making two other recipes ~ Limoncello Pine Nut Biscotti because I love making biscotti, & Limoncello Raspberry Float for some drinking friends of mine! But, back to this recipe for a basic limoncello! It's interesting, I think, that as long as people have been making of limoncello there is a wide variety of ways to make it (as with most really old concoctions), & one is just as ligitimate as the next, in my book! That said, I found this recipe to make up a WONDERFUL LIMONCELLO, & just what I needed for other recipes! Thanks for sharing yours! [Made & reviewed while touring Italy on Zaar's World Tour 4]

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Sydney Mike June 29, 2008

I am making this recipe now! I just made the simple syrup and ready to add and let sit for about two weeks before straining and bottling. My lemons zest has been fermenting for about 30 days now. I peeled the lemons with ease using a vegetable/potato peeler. No pith! Made it very easy and efficient. I know this may be a disaster I added whole vanilla bean to mellow out the sharpenss. I will let you know if it did or did not work. Oh Smelly06 something the yellow drink you are referring to back in 2006 was pastis. It is very popular for an apertif in France. Tastes like licorice/anise. Yummy. Suppose to have pastis mixed with water and sip on it. I ordered this in Paris however the waitress forgot the water. Hilarious my french friend was shocked that I could chug without being diluted. Funny time...

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Pound Cake June 25, 2009

I've been wanting to try to make Limoncello for ever now and I'm so glad to come across this recipe. Very authentic...I asked some Italian friends. I only had 80 proof vodka and had to leave out the lime because they aren't available here right now. Also, I halved the recipe. Fab!!! I'm thinking of all kinds of ways to use this.

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scnorman August 02, 2008

NCMS, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting this recipe! My roommate was instantly addicted after her first tasting, and it wasn't even cold! I loved it, and I am not as big a lemon fan as she is. This was light and sweet and tangy, like one of those lemondrop candies, only in alcoholic liquid form! Easy to make, hard to stop yourself from tasting. I can't wait to try this out in all manner of ways! :) Thank you for posting, made for ZWT4.

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CraftScout July 07, 2008

Dear God, you realize how much I have been spending a bottle for this? I keep it in the freezer and bring it out for special people. Now when I move to Mexico I can make it on my own. Thank you, Thank you!!! T.J.

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davinandkennard July 26, 2007

The liquid should not be clear. You shouldn't be able to see through it at all. It should also have an after taste of black licorice when drinking it straight in shot form. It's not meant for a wine glass.

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smelly0610 November 29, 2006

Will have to leave review when its done.Well, it done and a few of us tested it and they said a 10 star.delicious

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NoraMarie October 04, 2006

So easy to make.I did have lemon oil sprayed all over. We`ll back with the results and the winner is . I must say I so cheated I mix all the ingredients using 1 cup of water (which was room temp)and the results were ever so clear as you can see in the pictures I posted of the frozen Limoncello served in chilled glasses. I just shook the bottle once a day to dissolve the sugar and help the oils from the zests be released. Thanks DH enjoyed it!!!! ;)

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Rita~ July 31, 2006
Limoncello (Lemoncello, Limoncella)