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Excellent! I lost my origional recipe. I believe this is the exactly the same. I would not try recipes calling for fewer lemons and shorter processing time. Hardest part is the waiting, but well worth it. Second hardest part is making sure no white remains on the peel, also worth the time. Product is amazingly smooth and flavorful. When aging is complete I keep it in the freezer.

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Roger January 07, 2002

This is my second review. I am now making 7 gallon batches 2 to 3 times a year. My friend buys the vodka and the sugar. I supply the labor. French Oak chips, and dried lemon peels. Peeling that many lemons has become too much labor. Let me tell you what I have learned. Do not waste your money on high quality vodka. Se buy 1.75 liter bottles for $9 or less. Everclear is not worth the money either. I have substituted honey for sugar and it does not make a significant improvement. French oak chips can be purchased at a homebrew store and add both color and taste. I tried 3 quart batches using dried orange peels in one and brown sugar in another. The orange peels were a disappointment. The brown sugar was very nice, but not worth the cost.

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A Kept Man March 22, 2010

"sole in uno bicchiere" I spent nine days in Italy this summer and had a wonderful time. One of the first things I did when I got home was look for a recipe for limoncello. The first one I tried was OK. This is the "sunshine in a glass" that I enjoyed in Italy. It is worth the wait! Bravo!

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Pam D. November 21, 2002

Not giving this any stars yet, but I am sure it will be a fiver....:) I used 80 proof cheapo vodka as a previous reviewer suggested, and I wish I would have gotten really fresh lemons. I used lemons that were "older"and the skin was really hard to get off. I made lemon bars, hummus, and lemonade with the leftover lemons. Today was the sugar syrup part and I added five cups because we like things sweeter. Can't wait till this is ready, it is so pretty and smells so good! Stars and final rating coming!

Yep! This was delish! The people I gave it to LOVED IT! It had just the right amount of sweetness for us.

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Retro Kali August 19, 2010

In one word, "awesome". A friend bought the lemons aand the Vodka. I did all the labor. It was so good that I have more 7 liters that just passed the 40 day mark. I gave this to family and friends who reveled in its deliciousness.

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The Mazer August 08, 2007

Wonderful delicious stuff! I add Everclear (151 proof) for the 1st 40 day mix, and 100 proof in the 2nd part. It calculates out to about 120 proof when finished, but tastes as smooth as honey. I also use 5 cups of sugar instead of 4.

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wrainey January 03, 2007

I made this quite a while ago, and just realized I never reviewed it. It's a hit at every get-to-gether we have. I've served it cold from the freezer, or over ice with sprite. It packs a punch - be careful. The directions are very easy to follow, and is well worth the wait! Thanks for sending some in the swap package - I couldn't wait to make it myself.

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PanNan November 08, 2003

I added both bottles of vodka to the lemon peels for the infusion process. After letting it rest for 3 weeks I added my simple syrup (4 cups sugar to 4 cups water) plus 1 cup fresh lemon juice with 1 cup sugar that was heated together. Then let this sit for 2 weeks before bottling. The results were amazing. I'd like to try this with oranges too. Well worth the time and effort!

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FoodFromSicily May 17, 2008

Followed this exactly as directions stated, but was less than impressed. I used a quality vodka and fresh lemons off my tree, but it came out tasting like a lemon-cleaner smells. I must have done something wrong... but I can't figure out where. I ended up just pouring it all down the drain.

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moot0009 May 13, 2007

This is divine! I just filtered and bottled up the Christmas presents and told my DH that I wanted to be a Scrooge and keep it all for myself! I used the 5 cups of sugar like some of the other reviewers and think I could drink it on the rocks easily. I didn't read the directions enough times and added all of the vodka with the lemon zest and after the 40 days added the simple syrup-- it is DELICIOUS! Thanks Roger!

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LaurietheLibrarian November 13, 2012
Limoncello , Lemoncella