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these cookies have a lovely delicate flavor - the glaze is definitely needed to bring it out. I used 3 TBL of the limoncello as one reviewer suggested. I also rolled the cookies into a log as suggested and chilled overnight. But then I sliced the cookies fromt the log - pretty thin, about a 1/4 inch. Baked on greased cookie sheets for about 13 minutes only! They turned out perfect - any longer they got too brown. And I had to triple the icing recipe which I drizzle quickly across the tops in sort of a zig zag design.

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MA HIKER July 01, 2010

Lovely adult cookies. I tamed the glaze to suite my taste (I'm a wimp) by using half the amount of Limoncello. The cookies have that marvelous flaky tender texture that always begs another bite. Very easy to make and be careful of how big you make the balls, I got 16 cooking but they are lovely big ones *wink*. Made for ZWT 7

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Annacia June 07, 2011

OK. So I made these for Christmas. Wanted to use my Limoncello. Have you ever made a recipe and all the while you are thinking "this doesn't seem right"? That's how I felt with this recipe. Didn't seem like enough limoncello to impart flavor to 2 dozen cookies. Would you even taste it? Well, no one who had them even suspected that they were lemon flavored. They just thought they were plain sugar cookies. And that's what they tasted like. If you want them to taste like limoncello, I would increase the amount to at least 3 tablespoons. I doubt if it would negatively impact the dough consistency. And the glaze! As I'm making it I'm thinking "this much will glaze all these cookies". NOT. I had to double the glaze recipe to put even the thinnest amount of glaze on the cookies. And the lemon flavor of the glaze???? Barely perceptible. They were easy to make and tasted good. Just not very lemony.

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Toby Winter January 02, 2009

I make these cookies without the granulated sugar.<br/>These cookies are luscious.

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vivers567 March 12, 2014

I think I have a new favorite cookie! While these were baking, the aroma in the house was outstanding and the flavor is even better. Yes, subtle but I like that. I actually think I prefer the cookies without the glaze, but it does dress them up a bit. I had a couple with a cup of tea this afternoon, and they were perfect. I had a couple more with a glass of milk tonight and they were perfect. One note, though, mine DID spread in the oven so allow space between.

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BarbryT October 13, 2008

Excellent! I will definitely have to make more than one batch next time-- they were eaten up so quickly! I omitted the granulated sugar under 'cookies' completely, because it is not indicated in the directions, and found the flavor sweet enough without it. I only chilled the dough for an hour and found it easy to work with. I then used a long piece of dental floss to wrap around the log and slice off the cookies. I left them on the thicker end (1/2") and baked for only 15 minutes. They came out golden brown on the bottom with a shortbread-like texture. Thanks for sharing a keeper!

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Starrynews September 16, 2008

I love limoncello, can't wait to try these cookies. For the cook asking about the addition of the granulated sugar, I am guessing that you would roll the cookie dough balls in the granulated sugar before baking, rather than adding to the dough. That's what I plan to try, anyway.

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Verna #2 August 28, 2008

ZWT4: These are delicious! I made these for our Moms night out!! NONE left!

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Mom2Rose June 22, 2008

Excellent cookies. I just made another batch -- they disappeared fast! I couldn't find in the instructions where the granulated sugar was to be added -- so I just added it along with the salt. You might want to clarify that in case others find themselves wondering the same thing. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

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Bobbie December 09, 2007

I was just a tad disappointed with the very delicate flavor, although I may have baked them too long. The first batch was fairly brown at the edges with 20 minutes in the oven. The second batch I set for 18 and watched to remove at the first sign of a brown edge. They are all quite crispy. I let the dough stay in the frig. overnight, and it was very firm and easy to work with. Next time, I may add some extra limoncello and hope that would enhance the flavor. They are very different from traditional Christmas cookies, and I am certain friends will enjoy them. Thanks, Elmotoo, for an introduction to a new cultural sensation.

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NurseJaney December 08, 2007
Limoncello Cookies