Lime-Pineapple Congealed Salad

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

I got this recipe from the website & tweaked it a little. It's the best one I've tried, and I didn't find one exactly like it here. I used sugar-free jello and 2 cups Cool Whip when I made it.

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  1. Pour boiling water over gelatin; stir until dissolved. Put in refrigerator while following next steps.
  2. Whip cream cheese and mayonnaise together with electric mixer until fluffy.
  3. Add Cool Whip.
  4. When gelatin begins to set, add pineapple and nuts.
  5. Fold cream cheese mixture into gelatin.
  6. Pour into a 9"x9" dish or pan.
  7. Refrigerate and let completely congeal.
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At our dinner this sunday,it was pretty heavy with casserole and blackeyed peas side,so I wanted a really light dessert,i chose this,and let me tell you everyone loved it,i actually felt guilty cause everyone bragged liked I did it ,but I told them,"no,this came from a person on recipezaar,did have to jot down the recipe,thanks for posting.Great recipe,deserves 10 stars.