Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Another pickled onion recipe... so good on sandwiches. My favorite is salmon on dark bread with these pickled onions on top, which would also be a great appetizer if cut up.


  1. Mix all ingredients and let onion marinate at least 3 hours at room temp.
  2. Will keep up to 4 days, covered in frig.
Most Helpful

I have never tried pickled onions before, but I was trying to imitate a lentil salad with kale and beet chips that I tried at Nordstrom's Bistro in Murray, Utah. Part of the salad is pickled onions. <br/><br/>These have a great flavor. If the salad works out, I'll post a recipe with all the different components. I can see these onion making a good addition to many salads and sandwiches. Thanks!

Chef TanyaW July 08, 2013

I had no idea onions could be this delicious! I was worried because my red onion was super strong, but the lime juice mellows the onion and the onion mellows the lime. I didn't have cilantro, used dried mexican oregano and they were really stellar. We ate these last night on tacos with sour cream and tomato, then today on grilled cheese for lunch. Good yesterday, even better today! This recipe definitlely benefits from being made a day in advance.

jackieliz March 23, 2012

These are fabulous! I could only get white vidalia onions at the store and I used half of a large one. I didn't use any cilantro, but I used 1/2t dried basil. The smell is amazing and the onions really liven up a dish. Next time I'll have to try adding hot peppers (I used half a jalapeno - cut in small strips - but I can't even tell it's in there). The only problem is onion breath. I find that when I heat them in the microwave, they cooked enough for it not to be a problem. Also, I saw another pickled onion recipe where the onions are blanched for a minute, this may also get rid of the problem but I've never tried it so I'm not sure. I'll definitely be making this often (at least as often as I make Hispanic/Southwest food).

mle234 August 26, 2008