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Highly recommended!! This recipe resulted in the best marmalade I have made in 30 years. Spectacular! My neighbours think so too. I used a large pan with about 3 1/2" of marmalade liquid boiling. It took 25mins to jell. The colour is still beautiful. I also loved the fact that it is a 'fuss free' recipe - except for the fine slicing of course. Previously, when making lime marmalade I tried to use my new American heavy duty food processor for slicing. It's rotating central stalk broke. Apparently our West Indian Limes, small, very little pith and solid, are too heavy for slicing in this manner??? Why don't they make the stalk of steel? Anyway, my dear husband did most of the slicing - he'll be doing most of the marmalade eating too! I find that if a marmalade exudes liquid after opening, I place the jar (without top) in the microwave, on med heat for 3 minutes, no stirring and it revives like newly made marmalade. Happy preserving everyone!

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Yarrandabbi May 04, 2010

yum, yum and yum. i soaked the limes for almost 24 hours and followed the recipe exactly. got a bit panicky as i had to use two pans due to not having a big enough one but i slightly staggered their boiling/adding the sugar times which worked out ok. both were easily ready at under 20 mins and i thought the lime taste was pleasantly sweet/sharp with a lovely burst of lime when i got a bit of rind. very easy and delicious.

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Big Momma Les January 28, 2009

This recipe is delicious. We have Kalamansi limes in our backyard. These limes are like very small bitter oranges, full of seeds. Everything about them is orange, so I'm not sure why they are called limes, except they are sour. I made a beautiful batch of orange marmalade, like the best Seville marmalade you can buy, and it has the perfect balance of tart to sweet. This is a great recipe that works every time, and everyone loves the result.

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abyahoo September 10, 2010

I was thrilled at the result I got from this recipe. I was fairly easy to make and everyone loves it. I have rarely achieved a good jam so this recipe must be excellent if I could make it successfully!

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jellybeanzoo July 25, 2010

This recipe is a jem - with soft peel and clear jelly - lots of flavour, full of the tang of the fruit and a big hit for toast at breakfast. I have made marmalade for almost 40 years and have never found one that you do not stir so was very interested in this one. It cuts down the boiling time of many similar recipes but works a dream. Highly rated. Why I wonder did it throw a juice in the jar after opening? Not a problem, just interested.

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Therapina 1291224 August 12, 2009

Simple to make, tangy and just sour enough. Just how I like marmalade. Boiled for about 20 min for a perfect jell. Final product was a clear marmalade with well spaced fruit.

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iamsistaman June 23, 2009

I cooked this for our preserve table at the summer fair. Completely sold out within minutes and have 1 man who is now totally addicted to it and refuses to spread anything else on his toast So I have to keep making it. BRILLIANT far superior to anything you can buy in the shops. I use a mandolin to do the slicing, much faster and nice thin slices

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m_warwick August 26, 2015

Many thanks. Found the recipe truly marvellous! I can now make full use of the lemons growing in my garden.The marmalade was delicious and very easy to make. Since it was the first time, I didn't want to use a large quantity and so I halved the measures after converting them into grams. Please could we have measurements of ingredients in recipes in the metric system, i.e. grams and litres,and not in pounds? Now I am going to search for a recipe to make lemon squash

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Sushama S. August 17, 2015

My friend has a lime tree and I wanted to make use of all the limes. This recipe is very good. It jelled beautifully! I plan on making another batch. Thank you!

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cindy w. December 24, 2014

So delicious - thank you! It was a "let's save those limes in the fridge" so try a lime recipe exercise and I actually added some ginger (just because I love ginger) to it and made it with brown sugar but followed every steps as stated and result is magnificent. I will make from next time. xxx

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HoMoka November 04, 2013
Lime Marmalade