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Excellent! These were really great - I loved the smell of the fresh lime juice and zest and the bars taste so creamy it was almost like a cheesecake. Thanks Brat - I'll be making these again. Now I'm wondering what they'd be like with lemon or orange.

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Mysterygirl December 10, 2003

I have been making these bars for years, but lost the recipe. I was so glad to find it on here, but disappointed to see the not-so-great reviews. Then I remembered the first few times I made these and the few things I learned about these bars. First, "crushed pretzel" does not do it justice. You need pretzel powder, pretzel dust even. If you have ANY pieces in the crust, it will fall apart. Also, add a tsp or so of flour to the crust batter. To make the powder, pulse pretzels in blender of food processor, then strain through a wire mesh. Keep doing this in small batches until you get 2 cups, then proceed with the crust recipe. Second, to enhance the lime flavor, you can add 1/2 tsp tequila. Do NOT do this if children will be eating these. I am a licensed bartender and I can tell you the whole "alcohol cooks off" thing is a myth. If children will be eating these, add 1/2 tsp sweet and sour bar mix. Trust me, try these changes and you will not be disappointed!

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The QC October 04, 2009

I'd been wanting to try these for awhile and thought I could improve the lime flavor that some others felt was lacking. I used 1/2 C of lime juice, 2 good Tbs of lime zest and yet still felt there was a little zing missing. The bars were sweet and the saltiness of the pretzel crust was a good compliment to that. Having tried these I think I would prefer a lime bar that didn't have the sweetened condensided milk. But other folks who tried them seemed to like them ok.

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ReeLani June 25, 2005

I, too, hate to give few stars. But the unanimous concensus was a big thumbs down to this one. Two of the three testers were margarita lovers and the other was a lime lover. Sorry. But I know that the recipe was followed to the letter.

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DeSouter February 27, 2005

I thought these turned out really well. Great lime flavor, and not too difficult. I had a bit too much crushed pretzels (and some too-large pieces), so the crust was a little thick, and a little crumbly. I still have some left, though, so they weren't too popular.

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evewitch January 03, 2004

I absolutely hate giving low ratings. I don't know what's wrong with this recipe, but to me it just tastes like cooked sweetened condensed milk with a trace flavor of lime. Could I have used the wrong size can? (Is there more than one size?) I wonder whether the milk was past its expiration date? After looking through a bunch of recipes for key lime pie, I see that the normal ratio of sweetened condensed milk to lime juice is 1 can milk to 1/2 cup juice, so maybe try 1 cup juice for this recipe. I have made a Pampered Chef recipe before that called for one can of sweetened condensed milk and a tub of Cool Whip, along with lime zest and juice and it is delicious (it's not cooked). I love the idea of a cooked margarita bar that doesn't need to be served cold. I'd love to hear about how others enjoy the recipe. Sorry for the low rating.

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elainegl December 25, 2003
Lime Margarita Bars