Lime and Macadamia Fudge

Total Time
Prep 8 mins
Cook 8 mins

This is from the first edition of 4 Ingredients and comes highly recommended by the co-ordinator of my DS's recreation group for intellectualy and/or physically challenged adults. She has also made it using lemon in place of the lime and says both versions are equally delicious. I have not made this myself so I am estimating times and yield (do not include refrigeration time to set).

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  1. Line a 18cm (7 1/8") square tin with baking paper.
  2. Place condensed milk and melts in a saucepan and stir over a low heat until smooth, remove from heat.
  3. Add nuts and zest and mix well.
  4. Pour into tin and refrigerate overnight prior to cutting.
Most Helpful

A nice white fudge that is way too easy to make. This is a Really sweet fudge that has a light lime flavor and chucked full of macadamia nuts. Was a little hesitant about making this today as it is 104 F out and another reviewer had a problem getting the fudge to sit and thought it was the band of ingredients she used which happened to be the same ones I had already bought. Happy Days!! I checked after 2 hours and it had a nice shiny top (good thing) and the bottom was set (yes). I made as written weighing out the ingredients as fallows; 14 oz. can condensed milk, 17.50 oz. white chocolate chips, and 5.25 oz. macadamia nuts. Think I will make this again come the holidays. Note to self this is too sweet for mom and dad. Thanks for the post.

Debbwl July 04, 2011

The lime zest is a nice touch, as are the macadamia nuts. This is intensely sweet from the condensed milk and white chocolate chips, so those who are not as big fans of sugar may be overwhelmed (I could only eat a tiny bite and felt quite satisfied). The only problem I encountered was that my fudge did not set very well. It was in the refrigerator for 24 hours before I attempted to slice it. The top looked perfectly set, but when I sliced through to start removing pieces, the bottoms were still completely gooey and difficult to work with. I'm not sure why that happened - maybe it was the brands I used? (Eagle condensed milk and Nestle Tollhouse white chocolate morsels.) I've got it back in the fridge again, so I will update this if they just needed longer to set. Thanks for sharing!

Starrynews December 18, 2008

Great no-fuss, super-quick fudge recipe that will indeed prove most useful for making for those small yuletide thank-you gifts. I made mine with lime zest which was great for cutting back what can be the over-sweetness (depending on your taste preferences) of the condensed milk and chocolate chips. I used macadamia nuts but most nuts would, I'm sure, work really well. I also added a couple of drops of vanilla essence in step three. On this occasion, I only made a half portion: too risky having these just sitting around asking to be eaten, but next time I make these, for Christmas gifts, I'm going to use a good quality chocolate instead of the chocolate chips. Made for Newest Zaar Tag. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Pat!

bluemoon downunder October 19, 2008