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One of my hobbies is making soaps and bath products. Had to make this when I saw the recipe. My elbows have rough skin and sometimes wearing a cardigan or jumper it can be very painful. I have used this on my elbows (and feet) for three days and my elbows have improved so much I can't believe it, I have tried many creams but they never made a difference. The ginger I grated, the first batch I made with sunflower oil but made a second as a gift for a friend and used olive oil, I tried some of that and when I make my next scrub it will be with olive oil. I also used the lime zest, not just because it looks nice but because it contains oil.

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Pets'R'us December 05, 2002

This feels and smells wonderful! I did have to add quite a bit more salt, almost double, to make it thick enough for me. I also added some lime zest for color. This is going in many gift baskets this holiday. LeeAnn

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LeeAnn1 December 14, 2002

This recipe deserves over 5000000000000000000000000 stars - I think you can become a MILLIONARIE with this. Just make this and sell and you'll be ginger-lemon scrub queen, I swear on that:) I wanted to make this ever since you posted it, but, somehow it prolonged upto today. At 1:30am(Yes, 1:30AM!), I decided to make this. And, after I made this, I washed the bottom half of my left hand under running water. Then, I applied a little of this paste in circular motions over my elbow and the remaining wet part of my hand. I applied it in circular motions for about 5 minutes. Then, I washed it off under warm tap water. OMG! My hand was soooooooooo smooth! I just couldn't believe it! I can't wait for tomorrow morning to share this with my mom! Also, I will use this for my tired feet, especially my soles and my knees! And, my face too and my neck and every cm of me!LOL. This is sooooo nice, really recommend this to one and all. Its 2:30am right now and my hand is feeling so soft and nice. I think I'm ADDICTED to this recipe! Not think, I AM!!! Now, I just gotto go find an empty tub and make this in bulk! I'll re-heat it a bit in my microwave before using. I'm going to use this after my shower tomorrow. Really adore you for posting this. Endless thanks! I've shared this recipe with over 50 people in the last few days, through email, telephone, hand-written postal mails, and, I even made a box of this for a friend as a gift and gave it to her y'day. I will have to get more salt soon, lol,@ at which I am making this recipe :) Please see: If you have any such recipes, easy and really good, pls. do share!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 12, 2002

Very nice! This mixture really makes your skin feel silky smooth as soon as you rinse it off. It has a very nice feel when you are using it and a lovely scent. At the suggestion of one of the other reviewers, I did also add some grated lime zest for color, which I would do again. The only drawback is the consistency - even though I added the liquids slowly, it started to get very soupy as soon as I addd a little of the oil and lime juice. The finished product was very loose and wet, so I mixed in a bit more salt and ginger to help thicken it. The "glow" works beautifully however and I really will use this again and again, only I will play around with the measurements of the liquids to produce a thicker paste. I am storing mine in the refrigerator in a glass jar, giving it a shake to blend before using.

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HeatherFeather December 16, 2002

love it. it smells so nice and what a treat for a busy mom to sit down and soak and massage her feet! i get very dry skin and have never found anything that worked until now. i used olive oil, doubled the salt and ginger and added the lime rind. thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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erinn in tbay January 05, 2003

I made a batch of this as a last minute gift. The jar would not hold it all so I had a little left for me. What a great scrup! Worked great and made me feel better knowing that I made it. I will follow the suggestion about grating the ginger next time as I ended up with some pretty big chunks with the blender.

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riffraff December 23, 2002

I was really broke, and couldn't afford to buy a friend a salt scrub as a birthday present which is something we do for each other every year. I chanced upon your recipe, and gave it a go..., it was so good!! So wonderful that my friend and I have decided to just recreate this recipe each year for each other as present. The stores don't make them as good as this!! We have changed our tradition thanks to you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to make more of this!!!

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KitchenManiac January 08, 2003

Mmmm... this is lovely! I did not add the full 1/2 cup oil; probably more like 1/4 cup. This worked very well on my poor winter-roughened feet!

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Boxerwing February 03, 2003

This is wonderful! I made it with Olive Oil and decided to add not only the Zest from the Limes but also Zest from a Lemon. I doubled the salt, for a total of a cup because original receipe was too 'soupy' I used coarse Sea Salt (1/2 Cup) and regular salt for the other half-cup. The smell was delicious, and so pretty with yellow and green Zest. I gave this to several friends over the holidays and they LOVE it too! I put the mixture in a pretty clear glass candle holder (empty of course) that had a top on it. I made a pretty label on my computer and put ribbons on the top-knot of the glass lid. Very pretty and festive. I also printed out the directions for each gift. I tried it out before giving it to my friends, and was amazed how it softened my skin. Definitely a Keeper! Thanks for broadening your Cookbook to include this.

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Angelizz December 27, 2002

Oh, this was so wonderful. Thanks for such a great recipe. I also did as most of the others who made this and added a bit more salt to make mine thicker. But the one major change I did make was instead of vegetable oil and olive oil as it seems everyone else was doing, I used grapeseed oil as it has no odor and is perfect for the skin and also has anti aging properties. This made is SO perfect! Again my sincere thanks since I am always on the lookout for some really cool things to make and I think this may be one of the coolest. :-)

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MssAditood April 05, 2004
Lime and Ginger Salt Glow