Lil Devils Deviled Eggs

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Recipe by Diann is Cooking

The Lil Devils can be made, of course, with your favorite deviled egg recipe; I'm enclosing the recipe my mother was famous for, and which I've taken over myself. The Lil Devils were first served at a Halloween party for adults in 2007, but these could also be great adapted at a child's party anytime. Also, I'm not great at measuring (nor was she), but the quantities for ingredients are in the right ballpark. As for decorating: let ingredients at hand and your imagination be your guide. In the photo that will be included, I omitted toasting the pine-nuts which is why you can't really see them.

Top Review by smellyvegetarian

What a great idea! I made the eggs according to our (very similar) family recipe, then had a ball with my 3 year old as we decorated them to serve some of his buddies. We used sliced olives for big eyes and pimentos for noses, and he was thrilled. The kids were mixed on their actual consumption of the faces; some gobbled the whole thing up and others picked off the olives first ;)/ Thanks so much! Made for PAC Spring 2011.

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  1. Slice eggs in half, and remove yolks to a separate bowl.
  2. Combine mustard, mayonnaise, curry powder and salt with yolks, mashing with the flat end of a large spoon. You may have to adjust mustard and mayonnaise quantities to reflect your taste for moisture of the deviling, and the size of the yolks.
  3. Mix in the chopped dill pickle or the capers (if necessary, drain them first).
  4. Stuff the egg white "boats" using a spoon. You may stop here and chill in refrigerator until serving, OR you may go on to make the decorated eggs.
  5. To decorate the Lil Devils: the capers become eyes, the pine nuts and pimento become noses, more pimento for mouths and for devil horns. The dill serves as hair and as beards. Create some Devils as victims, too. Round mouths, the like. Roasted pepper works well as pimento (is really the same thing), just cut or slice it to the shapes you want.

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