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Great, moist and flavorful. I love pineapple upside cake and this was no exception. I was a little worried because the batter filled the pan to the top, and I was afraid the batter was going to overflow while cooking, but it turned out great. I had to cook it for an additional 15 minutes to get the center cooked through. Thanks for another wonderful recipe, diner524. Made for ZWT5.

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Crafty Lady 13 May 31, 2009

Omg! This cake came out perfectly and it was delicious. My family devoured it so quickly I wish I had made two. This was the first time I baked a cake from scratch and the recipe was so easy and simple. I will definitely save this recipe and use it many times. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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jjpoet22381 January 22, 2014

My family was begging for a pineapple upside down cake and I am so glad I found your recipe! We loved it! The downside is I did over cook it a bit, but I know for next time to pull it out of my oven sooner. (Not a problem with your recipe, but my grumpy old oven!) Thank you for posting.

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JustAMuggle April 26, 2012

This is a great recipe! I took into account some of the other reviews and loosely packed the brown sugar for measuring and also only used 1 cup with the melted butter. I used crushed pineapple since that's all that was all I had. Instead of creaming butter and sugar, I mixed sugar and coconut oil. I find coconut oil is so good in baking; it adds a softness and hit of coconut flavor. I used mostly pineapple juice (added about 10% soymilk for richness). I don't have a mixer, so hand mixed everything together. I poured it all in a round cake pan (don't know if it is 8" or 9"), but the batter came almost to the top. Luckily it didn't spew out in the oven. I have a small convection oven, so I adjusted temp and baking time. Overall, wonderful cake.

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GoVols August 17, 2011

I loved this upside down cake. The directions are perfect. It is a beautiful cake and it ttasted terrific. I especially liked the fact that it didn't use packaged cake mix. I did put cherries in the center of the pineapple to give it a little color. Thanks for sharing a true keeper. Made for ZWT7-Pacific Islands.

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CJAY June 24, 2011

The flavor of the cake is good but personally there is too much brown sugar used on the bottom of the pan with the pineapple. I would suggest half the amount because a lot of the sugar were still stuck to the pan once I flipped the cake and were not dissolved. Over all, this cake tastes good but on the extreme sweet side.

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YungB December 29, 2010

Thank you for sharing this wonderful cake! I looked high and low for a good old fashioned pineapple upside down cake that I could make from scratch. I made this for my own little sweet tooth I was having. I know I oughta be ashamed to say it, but I ate the entire cake myself! I can't wait to bake it for company or a potluck. I'm quite sure it would be a hit!

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Chef Treenie November 30, 2010

it is father's day in germany and having decided to make a pineapple cake, i searched the site but kept finding recipes with store box cake mixes. naja! i found this one and decided to give it a try. i cut the recipe in half (because i wanted to make a smaller cake) while also cutting the sugar in half as we like less sugar. i used mostly pineapple juice along with a splash of cream to give make it a bit more rich. i shortened the baking time due to the size of my pan. i might add more pineapple to the sides next time but otherwise it came out fantiastic! danke schon!

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wannabedomesticgoddess May 13, 2010

this cake was delicious and very easy to make. i used a half sheet pan and doubled the recipe the only thing I would change next time is to cut brown sugar down to about half as alot of it was still in the pan after I flipped cake. But the tast e was great, I used all pineapple juice and it gave it a wonderful flavor, thanks for posting this Diner52. Becky

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Bunlady November 06, 2009

Excellent cake. I've tried many recipes, but this is the best. Moist texture, good flavor. I thought there was a little too much brown sugar and will try 1 cup next time, although I packed the sugar and you may not have to. I used all pineapple juice, no milk, and I used crushed pineapple because that is all I had on hand. Baked it in a 10 inch cash iron pan, and placed maraschino cherries on top after removing from pan. Also, served with 'cool whip'. My husband and grandson loved it, and so did I. Thanks diner524 for a wonderful receipe.

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Nathan's Nana September 21, 2009
Like Mom's Pineapple Upside Down Cake