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Made for PAC 2010. I'm torn about the review. I like the salad, but couldn't figure out the origin. The dressing is more of an Asian dressing. Which by the way was very good. We loved the dressing. he salad, loved the greens, beans, avocado, corn and tortillas. I did bake the tortillas, sliced up which turned out very good. I didn't like the dates, although I do like them other salads, but they didn't work with the tortillas and black beans. I did again roast the corn which was a good flavor. But the feta just didn't work. There are a few Mexican cheese similar in texture and tang but they definitely have a different flavor. And I did serve some chicken on the side, the blackened was a whole new flavor introduced. It was just too many different flavors conflicting. But the dressing was great, the chicken was good but on it's own, blackening it didn't match with the dressing and the salad overall good, but the dates were not it for me. I think there are other fruits to give it sweetness. That may be just opinion, but I just didn't like the whole combination. Sorry, thx for posting.

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SarasotaCook April 13, 2010
Like-Earl's Santa Fe Salad