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OMG can't wait to make this again. Wonderful flavor combination. I really enjoyed prepping everything and the cooking smells incredible. This is a keeper for sure and a wonderful winter recipe. Thanks so much for posting this one. My rating is actually 5 stars and 3 thumbs up, which is one more thumb than I have.

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leftofzen February 19, 2010

I was searching recipes to use an eye of round roast with. I have rated probably 75 recipes on Zaar over the past 5 years. I usually only make recipes that have been rated more than 10 times and a gazillion recipes that have over 100 ratings. I was first impressed with its name dropping title. I don't know anything about this yacht and racquet club (or any other club for that matter) but it sounded fancy. I read the recipe and it sounded legitimate for an unrated recipe. I followed the recipe 100% exactly except I used a 1.75 eye of round roast (.5 lbs more than recipe). There however is a small flaw in the recipe that I caught in time. The ingredients call for 2 T. worcestershire sauce but the directions fail to mention adding it. I caught the mistake exactly 1.5 hours into the 3 hour simmering time. I then couldnt wait any longer I had to taste it after 2 hours simmering and it was perfect. Meat fork tender, cabbage and all veggies melt in your mouth, awesome flavor. People never guess the ingredients like A-1, bacon, and caraway seeds. I used a cheap cabernet sauvignon from foxhorn vineyards (American wine), 2 tsp granulated beef bouillon, bottled minced garlic, and half of a 7 oz. jar roasted red pepper. This is by far the best recipe to date I've tried on Recipezaar and I nave tried probably 200 from here. I'm glad to have tried this recipe and be one of the first reviews. I hope I have been help. Definetely TRY THIS recipe.

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Scott Keith August 23, 2007
Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club Beef and Cabbage Soup