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I am going going to leave a star rating because I made quite a few changes. But here are my thoughts: I made this, leaving out the ginger because I do not have fresh and have read that ground ginger is not an acceptable substitute. I also just floured the chicken pieces instead of using the suggested batter because I was also out of eggs and hadn't realized it until after I'd already started making it. Regardless, my husband and I both really liked it. For the first few bites, the flavor hadn't fully hit me yet. I thought it was good though. But by the time my husband and I both finished eating it, we both wanted more! This stuff is addictive! It will definitely be going into our regular rotation. Thank you!

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Ransomed by Fire February 03, 2012

Tastes rather good, and is of course good and healthy, compared with the usual deep-fried version!

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Fiona L. June 03, 2015

This is delicious! Much better than the hidden chicken covered in batter you get from restaurants. The fresh ginger gives it a nice spicy warmth without being too hot. I reduce the sugar by half, and add more vegetables - usually small broccoli florets, sliced carrots and sweet red pepper, along with the snow peas. This is one recipe that you really must do your "mise en place" - start cooking the brown rice first, then prep all your other ingredients, before starting to cook the chicken. The dish will be ready by the time the rice is done. Now that my husband and I are watching our calories, we enjoy this dish because it's a little different from our regular fare. UPDATE 6/25/14: I didn't have any fresh ginger today so I used pickled ginger, like we have with sushi - it was a great substitution. I also used frozen vegetables, some broccoli and some stir-fry mix. It was very good, and I always have them on hand, but fresh are better.

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cathyfood June 25, 2014

Excellent!!! I used seasoned flour instead of batter. I prefer it to batter. This is way better than the sticky stucky stuff at a restaurant. Really it was totally different but oh so good.

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cindymvbs February 18, 2012

Very nice recipe. There is a very strong taste of ginger but I like it that way. I have never had General Tso's Chicken before so I cannot compare it to the restaurant version. This was enjoyed by the whole family. Thanks Lainey!

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susie cooks December 02, 2008
Lighter General Tso's Chicken