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These were so tasty! I had almost a whole loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread in the freezer which no one was going to eat so i decided to make this (I took from freezer night before and left it out of packaging so it dried out). I also used light becel margarine instead of butter, and 1 egg and two whites. This worked like a charm! I even used those undesireable heels of bread, and i think i enjoyed those the most because they were even crispier then the other pieces! The sandwich bread fit perfectly in my waffle maker, and i would recommend it. Just make sure you grease the waffle maker before each waffle and then you press the waffle maker down hard or you wont get the waffle indentation in the toast. This made enought batter for 8-9 pieces of sandwich bread.

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I Can't Believe It's Healthy June 03, 2009

I cannot believe how wonderful these were! I made them in my heart shaped waffle maker. It worked but it wasn't perfect. I hope to get a belgian waffle maker so I can try these in it! I made up three batches of the batter and it was the right amount for a full loaf of texas toast. I used your trick about the 9x13 pan and can I say that that is a WONDERFUL idea! So convenient and less messy. All three of my kids couldn't get enough of these. They all rated it at ABOVE 5 stars! They want me to make them every Sunday. I tried them in my sandwich maker as well... I won't do that again. They don't cook up near as nicely as in the waffle maker. Thank you so much for this recipe!

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Saturn March 25, 2007
Lighter French Toast Waffles