Lighter Cheesecake (Cream Cheese) Fruit Dip (Ww Core)

Total Time
2hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 2 hrs

This is a great dip for anyone wanting a cream cheese fruit dip, but trying to watch calorie/fat/sugar intake. I found that it doesn't taste as good directly after making it, so try not to skip the refrigeration time.


  1. Mix two ingredients together using an electric mixer (it is too hard to dissolve all the granules manually).
  2. Refrigerate.
  3. Serve with desired fruit (pineapple, berries, grapes, apples, etc).
Most Helpful

OMG! Sooo good- get me a spoon!

Doglvr4evr January 08, 2009

This is so good. I didn't use a mixer the first time I made it, and it was a bit chunky, just not creamy enough. But, this is such a good substitution for cheesecake, and we love it in my house. Thanks for posting this.

Jessicak61 September 03, 2008