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Another way to reduce the fat content (without diminishing fudgy flavour) is to substitute "baby food prunes" for the applesauce. I don't know why, but the prunes totally enhance the chocolate flavour - and would contribute a bit of fibre as well. A friend regularly makes this brownies when her young son is a bit "irregular" and she finds giving him a couple of brownies at snack time is a lot easier than coaxing him to down some fibre beverage or swallow some medicine -- and the prune brownie has him back on track within a day or so. Also if you sub 2 eggwhites for the eggs, I would guess the cholesterol and fat content would come down...heck, by that point this recipe would surely be "Health food", right?

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globallady June 14, 2008

For a low fat version of a brownie....this was delicious!!! I used pumpkin instead of applesauce and I used 1 cup rather than 1/2 because it seemed dry and was hard to mix in the cocoa......I also used egg substitute and only 3/4 cup sugar....next time I will use 1/2 cup. Definitely a keeper! I will be making these again! Made the regular version of this recipe and it was definitely delicious and just like a boxed brownie only you know what you are putting in it! I will make the regular version again too, but this low fat version is a great treat! Thanks for posting!

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sconehead June 29, 2011

I made these and the original full-fat version. The full-fat version was better, obvs. This version was way drier. I would recommend making the full-fat version and eating less to save calories instead of making these; however, if you are desperate for chocolate and on a serious diet, these will do. Maybe use one less egg. Or maybe half butter and half applesauce.

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terrabowling February 04, 2009

These brownies get a 5 because of how ridiculously simple they are to make combined with the fact that the recipe results in low-fat but very satisfying brownies. I cut the recipe in half and baked the brownies in a tiny casserole dish. I put in half the batter, drizzled in a little peanut butter, put in the rest of the batter, and plopped some ribbons of marshmallow fluff on top (fluff is also fat free, by the way). The peanut butter made the brownies a little too salty, so I wouldn't recommend it. However, the fluff turned into toasted marshmallow in the oven! Next time, I'll use twice the fluff and none of the peanut butter.

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IronChefShuLi February 03, 2008

I've been having a major brownie craving lately and I have a hard time using all that butter. These were decent, but not fudgy enough to truly satisfy my craving. That said, they will be a great luncbox addition. I added chocolate chips and pecans. Thanks for lowering the fat Junebug!

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ladypit December 08, 2007

This gets five stars, even though it was a near disaster ... after 25 minutes, I took 'em out of the oven (without doing the toothpick test). The edges were clearly done, and had pulled away from the pan. But when they'd cooled, and I went to cut 'em, I discovered that the center was still COMPLETELY uncooked. (And, yes, my oven is just fine.) Tried cooking 'em another ten minutes, but that didn't help ... so I decided I had nothing to lose, and cut the edges off, then microwaved the center for three minutes on high. Miraculously I ended up with a plate of excellent brownies ... and I love the fact they're much lower fat! I used half a cut of Andes mint chips in 'em, and it was just the right amount of mint. Thanks for posting this! Loved the original recipe, but I'll use this one from now on.

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KLHquilts November 18, 2007

These were fantastic. I lightened it even further using 1/2 cup of splenda and 1/2 cup of sugar as well as 1/4 cup egg beaters and one egg. Totally defeated the lower your poundage part though bc i ate the whole pan last night *eek* but at least it was half of what it would have been :) Thank you so much for lightening these!

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MarraMamba October 23, 2007

These are pretty good for light brownies. Fluffy and chocolatey and tasty. I put in a full cup of applesauce to make sure they came out moist. And I put in 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup splenda to cut down on the sugar. Of course they aren't going to taste exactly like regular brownies, but these are pretty yummy!

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juliegriffiths33 November 06, 2011

Pretty good for a lightened up brownie. I have made Karen's version "Whatever Floats Your Boat" Brownies! a few times and so was concerned that the kids would not like the low fat version. Wrong! They love it. My only complaint is that mine were flatter and heavier but that could be because I decided to use half splenda and half sugar. (I am not a big fan of splenda but had some in the cupboard to use up.) I doubled the recipe and added only 1 C chocolate chips as I find that is enough for us. Thx for the great recipe Junebug. Will be making this again.

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mums the word November 05, 2008

It was so good that the first batch went within minutes. Had to make the second batch the next day so my daughter could take some to school...TOPS !!

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Nors in OZ March 13, 2008
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