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Checkout home run! Using this recipe as my basis, I halved most ingredients, except I used 4 Tbsp butter, 8 ounces baby bella mushrooms, and 1 Tbsp garlic, using 6 oz penne pasta (to serve 2), and cutting other ingredients in half. Bought a (2-cup) tray of cut-up asparagus-red bell pepper-onion at Wegman's. Didn't halve the mushrooms-garlic-butter because I purchased 8 oz and we love mushrooms. Sauteed mushrooms and garlic over medium heat for 10 minutes to boost flavor. Used chicken broth in lieu of vegetable broth as we buy chicken broth in bulk. Added in 1 pound of steamed shrimp, shelled. As an experiment, used oval 6 1/2 quart Le Creuset for ease of sauteeing. To await serving, put pot in 200F oven to keep warm. My make-ahead method worked great.

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KateL April 18, 2013

Made this for dinner. I omitted the butter and just sprayed my pan with nonstick spray. I also added some grilled chicken. It was very good!

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utahmomtotwo October 21, 2008
Light Pasta Primavera