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Awesome. I did make some changes but the basics were the same and I loved the results. I wanted to make half the recipe, and did so, with the following exceptions. I used 3 egg yolks and 2 whites. I omitted the pineapple and juice, instead using the juice of one lemon. I made this in a 6" springform pan which I buttered generously and sprinkled with graham crumbs (it took about 1/4 cup to coat the pan bottom and sides). I was worried that the pan was going to be too small but it worked perfectly. I wrapped the bottom of the pan in foil and set it in a larger pan with water about 3/4" up the sides of the pan. I cooked it a 325ºF (my oven runs a little hot) and it took 70 minutes. This made 6 nice-size servings which I served with a strawberry sauce.

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Toadflax March 03, 2010

fanstatically light and delicious!

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LoveMyPeeps July 28, 2009

This cheesecake is so light and fluffy! And unlike most recipes out there it only uses 2 packages of cream cheese!! I have made it without the pineapple and it is awesome too. I have also cut the recipe in half (except 3 eggs instead of 5) and prepare it in an 8in springform and it comes out great as well. I use the wide side foil to make sure that no water will leak in...sometimes if you have to overlap foil to cover the whole bottom, the water will still find a way in. I messed up one of these cheesecakes that way unfortunately. Try it today!!

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latinacook August 28, 2006
Light Cheesecake