Libbie's Canned Green Tomato Relish Chow Chow

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Total Time
24hrs 40mins
24 hrs
40 mins

Very old relish; reminds me of chow chow; has green peppers, cabbage, celery, onions. Always follow Ball book. This is just the recipe, not how to can, because it just says seal and that's wrong.

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  1. Put celery, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, and peppers through food chopper.
  2. Mix together.
  3. Add 1 cup kosher salt with 2 quarts cold water.
  4. Let stand overnight in cool place.
  5. Next morning drain well.
  6. Put 2 quarts vinegar to 2 lbs sugar, mustard seed, and celery seed on stove to boil; boil for 10 minutes.
  7. Pour over chopped vegetables.
  8. Pack in jars and seal.