Libbie's Canned Apples for Pie

Total Time
24hrs 10mins
Prep 24 hrs
Cook 10 mins

Old time way of canning apples. Cut apples are left in sugar overnight. in what she called the cave which was actually the root cellar Always check Ball canning book. This is more a history kind of recipe. Actual recipe in directions; sketchy again. the directions are how recipe is written


  1. Prepare apples as for pie.
  2. Put a layer of apples and then a layer of sugar, etc.( layer over and over) until done.
  3. Put in cool place (they had root cellars for this) overnight.
  4. Next day place in jars.
  5. Divide juice between jars;(from the sugar and apples comes a simple syrup and they probably filled jars rest of way with water as it has to be completely filled) cold pack 10 minutes; the apples stay in slices, do not mush and are almost like fresh apples for pie, etc.