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Outstanding presentation. This salad/entree would impress any guests and it taste so yummy. I made as written, however I know English is the chef second language, so the directions just need a little touch up. Just remember that wine vinegar is need in two steps and vegetable oil is needed for three steps. Example: Only use 1/2 tablespoon of wine vinegar and one tablespoon of oil in the cous cous. Then one tablespoons of oil to fry the onions. 1/2 tablespoon of wine vinegar and one tablespoon oil in the lettuces leaf. I also didn't know when to use the dry white wine. Then everything else should be perfect. I normally take away a star for directions which aren't clear but this is an exception. I made four small towers, I would of been happy to use an extra avocado, but it still worked out. I also used an new plumbing pipe which has been sterilised and I have always had for cooking as the mould. If you don't want to use imitation crab meat you can use the real thing or even prawns/shrimp but be sure to shred it. Thank you quid_pro_quo for posting your wonderful recipe.

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Chef floWer January 07, 2009
Lettuce Tower