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This is a very easy recipe to make. But I think I did something wrong. I messed with the recipe & it was gooply gloppy not soupy. I halved the bacon, then halved the rendered fat but followed the proportions correctly. I added more milk & some water. Someone once told me "never underestimate the thickening power of flour." The flavor was good. I think an important part of this recipe is your Grandmother making it!! My kids both tried it & liked it. I liked it, too...it just didn't seem quite right. I thought simmering lettuce for an hour was crazy but it takes that much time for the flour flavor to cook out. Thank you for posting!

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Elmotoo August 31, 2006

Delicious! Thank you for posting! My Slovak husband loved it and paid me the highest compliment by saying that it was almost as good as his mother's lettuce soup:) I must confess that I only used 1 pound of bacon and it was still very good. It freezes well too.

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Fox Hollow February 15, 2013
Lettuce Soup