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Definitely good enough to go on our regular rotation, esp. since we have changed our diet to mostly salads, and severely cut back on meats and wheat. I tossed the salad with ranch yogurt dressing first. Also added pickle juice to the egg mixture, to get the consistency that I'm accustomed to. Was surprised that even then, it was a bit bland. Will try to spark it up with maybe dill relish and some more spices or herbs.

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J-Lynn September 01, 2014

what a great salad... the egg dressing tasted and looked wonderful. thanx!

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Aisha_s January 11, 2007

Great! A simple and beyond healthy salad! I added raisins to it and next time I will reduce or possibly even use pickle relish instead of the mustard because I am not a big fan of it. Thanks very much for this great salad recipe!

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BestTeenChef March 08, 2006

I made this tonight, and what a time-saver it was! LUV2Bake, I did tweak it a bit: I dropped the cauli. and broc. briefly (30 seconds) into boiling water, and drained. I tossed the veggies with vinaigrette dressing, and I used Cos lettuce as the basic "bed". I added our piquant pickled peppadews (a round cherry-sized African pepper) to the egg salad, as I did not have sweet peppers at hand, and I had to use a mixture of Greek yoghurt and mayonnaice as I'd run out of cottage cheese. What made it so great an idea was that one salad supplied our nutritional needs for veggies .... (I did chicken breasts with mushroom sauce, and basmati rice as a main dish). Would have preferred to give 4 1/2 stars. (5 stars would have been given for dressed veggies instead of plain!) But this is a keeper, and will be great as part of one of those lunch/brunch things when people insist on turning up at awkward times!! With a bit of meat on the side, this is a winner. Thank you!!

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Zurie November 14, 2005

Dh said this is one of the best egg salads he's ever had. It certainly is a great way to lessen the calories and fat without affecting the rich flavor. I used the garden-fresh vegetables I had on hand for the lettuce salad but made the egg salad just as directed, adding only salt and pepper and a fresh jalapeno. Wonderful salad, LUv2BaKE.

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sugarpea August 16, 2005

When I seen the photo of this awesome salad in the photo forum, I knew I had to make it. Boy!I am so glad I did. It was wonderful and delicious! DH and I really enjoyed the egg salad dressing. DH isn't a salad person but he liked this one. He went back for seconds even. I did make a creamy french dressing #24655 to go along with this salad even though it has the egg dressing. I felt like the egg dressing wasn't enough to please DH so thats why I had the other on hand for him in case. This is a classy recipe made up for special events or just for having a side salad on the table with your meal. Thanks for sharing this great salad!

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Marsha D. August 03, 2005
Lettuce Salad With Egg Salad " Dressing"