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This is a terrific recipe. I made these for dinner last night for a friend and she and my husband both loved them. Like another reviewer, I used the spinach uncooked and added jack cheese and fresh tomatoes. This is a great recipe for vegetarians or meat eaters--they are so filling and delicious you don't miss the meat at all. The avocado sour cream is delicious and really takes these tacos over the top. I would highly recommend this recipe. Thanks for posting GertieGirl!

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MamaJ August 22, 2010

I made these because I had bought whole wheat tortillas on sale and I wanted something new to do with them. The tacos were very good and very easy to make. The high light of the dish was the avocado sour cream which I made with fat free sour cream and to which I added some chopped fresh cilantro. I topped the lentils with raw spinach (decided against cooking it), diced tomatoes, about a tsp of salsa, a little bit of monterey jack cheese, and a tbsp of the sour cream. I love that I have so much left over!

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Canadian_in_the_Bay March 18, 2007

Great tacos! I followed the recipe pretty closely...I refried the lentils all at once (not in 2 batches) and didn't drain them on towels. Also, I just made a 1/2 recipe of the avocado sour cream. I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful and satisfying this recipe was (sure, I like lentils, but they're not usually too exciting). This made more than 6 servings for me, too, which I'm very happy about. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe...it's a keeper!

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Aunt Cookie October 07, 2006

Very tasty. This is the first time I have had "refried lentils" and we quite enjoyed this. Took a long time to make, but worth it. Next time I think we'll try it without the egg. Loved the addition of the cooked spinach and the avocado sour cream- great touch! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Leftover lentils were tasty with melted cheese.

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VegSocialWorker May 26, 2006
Lentil Tacos With Avocado Sour Cream