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When I was making this, I was dubious about the amount of sauce to the vegetables because there are a -lot- of veggies. But once it all started really simmering, it worked out. I made it exactly as posted except that I had tamarind sauce instead of paste, so I just increased it a little. Didn't bother with rice, and next time I will try it with the mango peach chutney. PS--the recipe doesn't state what kind of lentils to use, so I used channa dal. Their spicy flavor really complemented the dish.

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Jujubegirl June 03, 2010

So Delicious!! I couldn't find tamarind paste so I used a cup of apple juice instead. The chutney is so delicious on top with the yogurt. Thanks for this awesome and healthy recipe!!

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ilaila645 June 22, 2010

Loved this! We couldn't stop eating it!

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lacey_lei June 09, 2009

I made half a recipe but without sweet potato as I was out. This is the first time using tamarind paste, so that was an experience. I had made your Mango Chutney earlier in the day and It gave it a wonderful flavor. I served it as a side dish to Best Ever Chicken Balti and Naan Bread.

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adopt a greyhound June 03, 2009

Oh, Lordy,lordy! This was heaven on a spoon! Every bite was better than the next! I had everything at home but the tamarind, so I used a bit of brown sugar in its place. I made your Mango Chutney without the peaches as they aren't too good this early in the season. Sharon, without a doubt, this is one of the best tasting dishes I've had in a long time. As I get older and my taste buds have faded some, food isn't as interesting....until THIS! Thanks soooo much for spicing up and stirring up my interest again!

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Happy Harry #2 May 31, 2009

We really enjoyed this. I used dried red lentils and instead of cooking them before hand I added them at the end of the recipe and let everything simmer together until tender. I couldn't find fenugreek seeds so left them out (this was recommended by chia and Cook's Thesaurus web site). I doubled the recipe and now have a meal for the freezer. This time I served on rice but Dave reckoned it didn't need the rice and it would have been a meal by itself. Topped with mango chutney and yogurt. Yum, thanks Sharon!

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Jewelies May 02, 2007

this is to die for! it is hot, pungent, aromatic- everything you'd want in a vegetarian indian dish. i do not like sweet potatos or cauliflower particularly, but i just loved them both in this dish. the spices make the best flavor and the aroma just perfumed my kitchen. my daughter who is a vegetarian and adores indian cuisine got home from work when this was almost done, she was standing at the stove counting the minutes until it was done- and she said this was better than any resteraunt's lentils. i have a feeling i'll be making this often. thanks sharon for a wonderful recipe. btw, 1 used 2 small serrano chiles, and tamarind concentrate. i omitted the fenugreek seeds, didn't have them, but i don't think it affected the flavor

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chia April 19, 2003

I'm afraid I cannot recommend this recipe to anyone as written, because it simply doesn't work. Sorry to the chef, but I wish I had not chosen this recipe, it was a disaster. Imagine the volume of a whole head of cauliflower, 2 sweet potatoes, a pepper and an onion. It's most of a medium-large saucepan. Now imagine trying to "simmer" all these vegetables in one cup of water. ONE CUP! You just can't do it. It's impossible. I tried adding more water and I got a stew. I don't know how to fix this. Also, the salt should be added before any vegetables, otherwise it will just stick to the vegetables and you'll have a few very salty vegetables, and potatoes (sweet or not) do NOT cook in 15 minutes. More like 45. I recommend adding them 20-30 minutes BEFORE all the other vegetables. If the recipe is fixed I will delete this review and try it again. By the way, what exactly is a "bite size" chunk of an onion? And please tell us what kind of lentils to use?

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Chris Wilson UK December 20, 2014
Lentil Sambar