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This is a recipe I grew up with (I'm the son of the submitter), and I've tried this recipe out on my wife and children, and they all love it! I however substitute jasmine rice (white) for the brown rice in the recipe. To account for this, I lower the oven temperature to 250? and check on it every so often, it seems to take about 1.5 hours to cook the rice and the lentils. I cook in a cast-iron dutch oven, which means it can keep warm in the oven for several additional hours as long as you turn the oven off!

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mithbarazak April 11, 2012

This was so good, even my toddler loved them & she is a picky eater. It had the flavor of a bean burrito, very tasty!! Thanks for posting!

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Legna February 07, 2008
Lentil-Rice Burritos