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I made these to go with salad in tortilla wraps and we just didn't like them, they needed some more flavour? I had some trouble with the recipe as the time for cooking the lentils wasn't listed, i cooked mine for half an hour. Also there was no approximation for how much breadcrumbs- I added a cup, then after taking them out of the fridge found they were still a little soft and had to add some more but I'm afraid this made them dry. We did not like the taste of raw onion in the mix, and I found them to dry to eat without a sauce. My husband used sweet chilli sauce and I used some yoghurt. I added a teaspoon of cumin and another of tumeric and that made them just edible. If I made them again I would cook the onion first with the spices I think. Sorry.

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Chickee January 28, 2009

I personally cannot stand meat substitutes. I won't cook with them or eat them. These lentil patties are a flavorful, fresh alternatives that i don't have to convince myself tastes good.

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mikkishelles January 07, 2009
Lentil Patties