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Very good recipe. I like my lentil curry with a bit more lentils, so I added two cups. Also I doubled the curry powder because I wanted it spicier. It also works well with about 4 fresh tomatoes, rather than canned tomatoes.

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Mel in Vancouver, BC October 05, 2006

I think this is a great recipe. it will become a regular for me! Three friends want it after trying it or hearing me rave about it. Tks for posting.

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Linda Trottier May 04, 2012

This is my new favorite comfort food - and healthy, too. I used 2 cups of green lentils to make it thicker. I also added 1 teaspoon garam masala. Out of necessity, I added 4 cups water with 2 chicken bouillon cubes instead of stock. (It did not need further salt additions.) I buy the big packages (3 lbs.) of shredded cabbage/cole slaw mix at Sam's Club and try to use the whole bag within a week to eat healthier, so I used that in place of the cabbage. It was perfect. Thank you Andrea-Oz.

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Inklady April 23, 2012

Awesome meal. Totally satisfying, really easy, and cheap. I ate the Curry on top of some Garlic Basmati Rice. I like a lot of spice so I used 3 teaspoons of curry powder and two teaspoons of garam masala. This is a new favorite.

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Kylesf411 January 12, 2009

This was excellent. The cabbage and lentils are most essential, otherwise i just threw in some vegetables from my fridge. I would recommend more curry powder, and make sure you don't skimp on the cabbage because it cooks down and tastes marvelous.

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Russell Cooks December 26, 2008

Easy and delicious! I have never used garam masala and I like a little extra spice, so I used 2 tsp. hot curry, 1tsp. Regular curry and 1 tsp. cumin. I also added some tomato sauce as there was not much liquid left. Very versatile recipe!

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highfalls100 February 09, 2015

This had really great flavor, and it was very filling. I also got to use up a bunch of veggies in it. I gave it 4 stars because the lentils (I used green split ones) did NOT soften a whole lot in 30 minutes. In fact, I cooked it for about an hour, and they were still just sorta softer. I covered the pot the last 15 minutes or so, so it wouldn't lose all the moisture (I guess you could add more both if you needed to, but I didn't). We ended up just eating the lentils more firm (more soft is how we like them), because it was getting kind of late. It turned out the lentil texture was almost welcome, because with the extended cooking time, all the other veggies were much softer.
I followed the recipe exactly, except I omitted the cilantro, and I added 1 tsp garam masala. I served it over white rice, and we had flatbread with it. We (my husband and I) didn't feel that it needed any extra salt or pepper, but he did say it was REALLY good with Sriracha sauce on it. I didn't put anything on mine. I'd make this again. I might soak the lentils for a bit next time, though. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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Greeny4444 November 11, 2011

What a great recipe! Delicious, healthy and satisfying. I was able to serve at least 10 portions at a potluck...the rest was scooped up in a flash and there were no leftovers! ;)

I got tons of compliments. It was relatively easy to make. I would allow an hour and a half to two hours the first time I prepare this to have enough time to chop everything and simmer. It should go faster after that (once you've familiarized yourself with the recipe.) The nice thing is you can clean up most your dishes while the curry is simmering, and your kitchen will be nearly done by the time it's ready to eat.

Did other cooks bother with chopping your carrots ends to get a 1 cm. square shape as opposed to the normal round shape? And if so, did you include or exclude the extras?

My local grocery store was out of the red lentils, so I used the green lentils to match the cabbage color for continuity of presentation (even though it shouldn't matter on taste). I checked several stores and all the diced tomatoes cans come in either 14.5 oz or 28 oz. Did you buy the larger size and do the full 15 oz? (I know it was stated that the measurements are fast and loose). As suggested by other reviewers, I chopped almost four fresh roma tomatoes which yields just about 2 cups.

Make sure you tend to your onions in stirring because 1 tbsp broth evaporates fast in five minutes time.

I served this with a black & mahogony rice blend.

I can't wait to experiment and try this with some other veggies like zucchini (although it's perfect just the way it is). I will definitely be making this again (I'm sure by request.)

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Mrs. Atkins August 24, 2011

Mmm!!! I have never had curry with cabbage before but this was nice, it filled it out. My lentils turned to mush but that's the way I like them I had rather a lot leftovers so I have frozen some and will have an other day a nice easy lunch. Thank you for posting made for honor thy mother May 2011

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Tea Jenny May 04, 2011

I'm a noobie to curries, and I was able to make this and call it a resounding success! It really is fantastic. The only change I made was using fresh tomatoes instead of canned, since I had them on hand. I also added some garam masala to the mix to kick up the heat a little bit.

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amy.hough November 10, 2010
Lentil Curry