Lentil and Wild Rice Soup (Crock Pot)

Total Time
6hrs 15mins
15 mins
6 hrs

A smokey lightly spicy hearty soup made easily in the crock pot. Having chorizos and chipoltes for heat. Saving the spinach till the end for brightness and freshness. Have your freezer bags ready to save the leftovers. Leftovers are great for last minute meal. Defrost in microwave oven and ready to go.

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  1. Place all ingredients except spinach in slow cooker, pour water over all just to cover,.
  2. cook on low for 6 hours or until wild rice and vegetables are tender.
  3. Remove ham bone and take any meat left on it and place back in soup.
  4. Stir in spinach and drizzle sherry during last 15 minutes of cooking.