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I rated it 5 stars and DH rated it 3 stars, so we will settle for a 4. I agree that the olives make the dish, but do not throw them in until the very end as the recipe reads; you will find in the leftovers that there is a very strong olive flavor. I served it under some swordfish and it was a great pairing. I admit to having subbed diced canned tomatoes for the fresh with great results. I also added a ton of garlic. . .yum! Thanks! Made for VEG*N TAG March 2009.

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JanuaryBride March 23, 2009

A fabulous eggplant recipe, which would make a great side dish, an entrée or a substantial and delicious snack, on toast! Kumquat, when you do try this dish, you’ll find that as you suspected, it does indeed have lots of promise! Like so many recipes I’ve made and tried on the Zaar Tour, this one is just that little bit different from other more familiar recipes but those few little differences have made a world of difference. When I started to read it through I thought ‘ah, a ratatouille-type dish’ but the use of dill and the addition of the flour in step 5 makes it different again. Instead of the 2 tomatoes, I used I used my mother’s recipe for tomatoes - Evelyn's Fried Red Tomatoes Evelyn's Fried Red Tomatoes - which I always have in the freezer. This brought with it the additional flavour of basil. And like katie, I added some garlic. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Kumquat! I LOVED it, and will be making it often.

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bluemoon downunder October 29, 2005

WOW! We loved this stuff!! I followed the recipe..except added 4 garlic cloves to eggplant when cooking! I served it with crusty bread! This will make a great appy!! Thanks!

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katie in the UP October 20, 2005
Lenten Eggplant (Aubergine)