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Three simple ingredients that form a delectable bite. Decided to roast my carrots which added to their sweetness and flavor. Did notice the lower moisture content meant I needed to add a touch of vegetable broth which worked out just fine. Decided to take the lemon a tad bit further and added a small amount of finely diced preserved lemon in addition to the fresh juice. The contrast in taste and texture of the cumin was wonderful and I was glad I tossed the seeds in the oven about three minutes before the carrots were done. Served with red pepper wedges and celery sticks. Bravo.

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justcallmetoni October 25, 2008

I made this because I had some left over carrots I wanted to do something special with. This recipe sure did the trick! I too added a bit of vegtable stock to this dip to make it not quite as thick. Great recipe.

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anme December 02, 2008

Very simple to make, this has a great and unique flavor. I used baby carrots for the recipe and filled celery sticks with this dip. I (Bird) really enjoyed the light and healthy flavors. Thanks for sharing this recipe. :)

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2Bleu November 12, 2008

I used baby carrots, sliced & steamed for about 15 minutes until they were very soft! And that was the most difficult part of this recipe ~ Very simple! Slam, bam & done! Thanks for A GREAT TASTING DIP! [Tagged, made & reviewed in 1-2-3 Hit Wonders cooking game]

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Sydney Mike September 08, 2008

We really enjoyed this dip although I did take a few liberties with the recipe. I spread some leftover Garlic Aioli from Amazing Artichoke Toasts Amazing Artichoke Toasts onto slices of french bread and placed them under the broiler. When they were slightly toasted I added a little more aioli and the carrot dip and placed under broiler... when they were done I sprinkled them with the toasted cumin seed and placed a bell pepper slice on the top of each one. I really enjoyed this recipe! It is a dip with a lot of flavor, even with so few ingredients... the toasted cumin really balances out the lemon. Great recipe Mordreth, hope you don't mind that I used my artistic license. Thanks!!!

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NcMysteryShopper January 09, 2006
Lemony Carrot Dip