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A fabulous recipe for lemon and lime lovers! This is an excellent condiment - an unusual way to preserve lemons and limes. It makes a refeshing citrus water by adding a tsp of the vinegar and half a sliced lemon to the glass. I also used the vinegar on a salad along with a sliced-up lemon and olive oil. It's delicious sprinkled over rice that has been sauteed with onions. To the brine I added four cardamon pods. Many possibilities. Thanks MHS.

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Kathy228 November 07, 2009

This was not "good" as 3 stars indicates, but maybe the problems with it were my fault? I was so intrigued by the recipe I made it 2 weeks ago. It smelled heavenly! In my mind, it was full of vinegar, so I can ignore the directions regarding length of time in the fridge. Right? ...maybe not. Today I took it out - LOVED the smell, but tried a teaspoon full. OH MY GOSH! bitter!!!! I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth! I dumped the whole thing - but wondered - did the lemon & lime rinds make it bitter? Maybe...

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JWS July 04, 2013
Lemons & Limes With Vinegar & Salt Brine