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I always make these scones the exact same way and they turn out perfectly each time. The trick is not to over mix it - use a knife to combine the ingredients until it forms a sticky ball (no dry ingredients left) in the bowl, and it is supposed to be a fairly wet sticky mess - just dump it out of the onto a well floured bench and stretch it out to the thickness with well floured hands, and make sure your cutter is well floured too. The less kneading you do, the fluffier the scones will be! The lemonade is not the lemonade we know here in US - it is the lemon-lime soda to use (eg sprite), but the cheaper the brand, the better... - no lemon flavour. It's purpose is the sweetness and fizz - a traditional scone recipe has sugar added. The cream is the substitute for the butter in a traditional recipe. Yes they are very similar to the biscuits you know here, bland-ish, but that is why they are served with jam and cream!

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moniebear_downunda_in_GA_USA October 05, 2007

ok this was good , i added zest and next time i would cut them into biscuit shapes cause the middle was a little wetter than i liked i added some lemon juice to my cream but i think i would add some butter to the mix , it was great with blackberry jam my friend didnt care for these ,but he doesnt like anything

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Dienia B. September 15, 2011

Great recipe, thanks for posting. I'd heard of lemonade scones before but never tried to make them, always rubbing butter into the flour instead but these were so super easy to make and so much quicker. They rose superbly and tasted good though as I never had self raising flour I had to make my own and don't think I got quite the right mix as it was a little baking powder-ish. Will definitely make these again.

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Phil the kiwi July 23, 2011

Yes, the dough was sticky, but as I was making date scones (using about a dozen cut-up dried dates), it needed a bit more moisture. I baked them in a 12-hole x 1/2 cup muffin tin at 250C fan-forced for 25 minutes. Superb!

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taxingwoman June 03, 2010

I'm really sorry but these just didn't work for us at all. The dough was just far too sticky and although I baked it anyway, there was just not enough flavour. I was desperate to rate these hightly but I'm afraid I just can't.

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HappyBunny August 13, 2009

So easy and simple to make, Buy the time i finished cleaning the mess, whipped up the cream and got out the jam and butter, there were almost done. I added sultana's to mine and there were perfect! 5 Stars

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Aleigha Nicole July 25, 2009

thanks for posting such a great recipe. I remember my mum making scones with flour and cream but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what else. The lemonade must have been it. It doesn't leave a lemon taste - these are not lemon flavoured, it just helps the dough rise. Produced a sticky dough but a well floured board and cutter with very little kneading and this shouldn't be a problem. Perfect ;)

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starcie October 15, 2007

I was sadly disappointed by this recipe,as the idea of a lemonade flavored scone really appealed to me. I found these to be more of a rich baking powder biscuit, but rather bland and chewier in texture. The lemonade flavor did not come through at all; I even brushed some on top in hopes of having extra flavor. After seeing all the comments about having to add more flour, I just cut back on the liquids starting with a half cup of each and adding in slowly more of each until the dough was of proper consistency (I made a 2/3 recipe).

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momaphet June 21, 2007

These were really yummy, very rich tasting. Probably the cream! :) I did sub strawberry lemonade, but the flavor was so subtle, I don't think I could tell the difference. Also, I did have to work in almost a full extra cup of flour (humidity). A lovely dessert, and breakfast! :)

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CraftScout May 31, 2007

A true winner in my book! I had never heard of making scones this way, but it really worked out very well. Loved how quick and easy it was to prepare and how delish the scones turned out. I used my own home-made self rising flour, a sugar free lemonade and reduced fat cream, which worked out super nicely. Like others I, too, had to reduce the liquid a tad to make this dough workable. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful recipe with us, Jessica K!
Made and reviewed for on recommendation of Sydney Mike November 2011.

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Lalaloula November 09, 2011
Lemonade Scones