Lemonade for the Master Cleanse

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Here's the recipe for that Lemonade/Master Cleanse diet. You drink this and ONLY THIS for 10 days. (that means NO EATING ANYTHING, not even 1 blueberry!!!!!) I know. This diet sucks. But it WORKS! I'm on day 5 and I want to rip someone's head off, but I like what the numbers on the scale say. Hmmm. I

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  1. Mix it in a bottle and Bon Appetit! This is all you'll be allowed to consume for the next 10 days.
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I can't stress it enough, this diet may work, but at the expense of your health!! I would never recommend this to anyone. I've heard several cases of girls that have died due to this diet. The saltwater and lack of nutrition triggered heart attacks. They were young too. Granted, they had weak hearts from anorexia beforehand, but how do you know how healthy YOUR heart is? Don't do this diet!!!

Baimeefish October 24, 2009

Don't forget to do the saltwater flush everyday. It is an extremely important part of the cleanse.

VeggieClaire August 24, 2009