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So easy, and with knockout flavor on our 106F degree Fourth of July. But, we strayed a little. Or a lot...the ice cream maker I used was a huge electric White Mountain with a gallon capacity. 4 cups of milk seemed like such a puny amount of finished product, so we thought, let's triple it! We squeezed juice and measured sugar for a triple batch, and added that to the canister. Then after adding 6 cups of the milk, it seemed like a terrible idea to add any more. So we proceeded from there. Twice I had to empty finished sherbet out of the canister as it was trying to bust out of there...so I learned my lesson about following instructions. In the final analysis, we used 3 cups fresh lemon juice, 5 cups sugar, 6 cups 2% milk. The result was so incredible I'm not sure I'll use the original ratios, which would have yielded a slightly more tart product...but I'm a sugar freak. Next time I will make sure to scale the recipe so as not to exceed starting with 8 cups total liquid into the canister. Anyway, so happy to have come across this KEEPER!!

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nevermorefarm July 05, 2013

Freaking TERRIFIC lemon sherbet. I had only skim milk in the fridge and also changed the sugar to Splenda (plus half a teaspoon of xanthan gum for the texture), and this stuff is so wonderful that husb and I stood there and plowed through half the batch. I also put in some zest just for fun, and it looked beautiful and tasted divine. Very pronounced lemon flavor, but not so sharp as to blow your head off. It kind of reminded us of Italian ice. It took me four regular lemons to get the one cup of juice which, if you get the lemons on sale, makes this just about the cheapest batch of ice cream/sherbet you'll ever make. Completely good for you, too, if you ignore all that sugar. (grin) I might try it with some honey mixed in next time, and we're definitely going to try it with other citrus fruits, too. Thanks for a tremendous winner.

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Erin R. January 03, 2010

This was great and so easy! Very bright and refreshing. I did add a little cornstarch as someone else suggested for texture and was happy with the results.

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the dessert diva September 26, 2009

You're not kidding -- this was THE best. Absolutely wonderful. I don't use 2% milk, so I used 3/4 cup skim milk and 1/4 cup half-and-half, figuring it would all work out ... I also used a recent suggestion of Mark Bittman from the NY Times, and added 2-3 tablespoons cornstarch for texture. It gave this an absolutely wonderful texture -- 48 hours later, and it's still easy to scoop out of the freezer. The flavor was superb, even without using Meyer lemons. Thank you for posting such an easy and wonderful recipe! This is absolutely a keeper.

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KLHquilts August 21, 2007
Lemon Sherbet