Lemon Shake-Up

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

A quick and easy lemon drink that is often sold at street festivals and the like. I like to make this at home for my daughter- takes up less space than a pitcher of lemonade in the refrigerator, and only a few minutes to make.

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  1. Place water in a covered shaker and squeeze lemon into it until it is completely juiced (you may like to cut the lemon pieces into quarters to do this as they are easier to handle, or use a reamer instead).
  2. Pour the sugar into the shaker and add just a few ice cubes to agitate but do not overfill your shaker.
  3. Affix the lid or cap and shake mixture until the sugar completely dissolves.
  4. Pour lemon shake-up into a large serving glass (about a 24 oz size or larger) and add more ice to fill the glass as needed.
  5. Drink up and be prepared to make more!
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Delicious! Just perfect. Made as written. Will make a million times this summer, I'm sure!

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Perfect lemonade! I made mine in a canning jar which was perfect for shaking. I used closer to 3 tablespoons sugar and added water to taste, and it had that wonderful State Fair flavor! Thanks for the recipe!

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Excellent!! I did have to use more lemons per shake up to get the flavor we wanted. They tastes just like to 5.00 ones we had a few weeks ago at a festival!! Thanks for sharing!