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Unfortunately, I had the same problems as the previous reviewer. The flavors were good, but, the sauce was very thin and the cake was on the tough side. I poured off the sauce into a small saucepan and thickened it on the stovetop with a little cornstarch. I have made lemon-pudding cakes in the oven and the sauce is always thicker. They all have had eggs in them. I used the paper towels, but not quite sure what their purpose is. Sorry, Shirl!

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Outta Here August 23, 2008

I tried this recipe and had some problems, so I will leave comments only. I followed this recipe exactly but the end result was definitely not expected. The actual flavours of the cake and sauce were good. However, the sauce never thickened as I would have expected in this type of dessert. The sauce consistency was liquid, like hot lemonade, and there was way too much of it. The "pudding" or cake part was quite doughy. Maybe I did something wrong? Perhaps there is a missing/mistyped ingredient?

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Boxerwing November 10, 2005
Lemon-Sauced Pudding