Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Breasts

Total Time
15 mins
12 mins

This is so flavorful with the fresh rosemary and lemon. I make this when my garden is growing so I have the fresh rosemary. You can substitute dried rosemary for the fresh, just use 3/4 tsp. I usually serve this with a rice pilaf and veggies.

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  1. Cut 2 thin slices from lemon; set aside.
  2. Squeeze 2 tsp lemon juice from remaining lemon into small bowl.
  3. Add rosemary, salt, pepper, oil and garlic; mix well.
  4. Add chicken breast halves; turn to coat.
  5. Arrange chicken on broiler pan.
  6. Top with lemon slice on each.
  7. Broil 4 to 6 inches from heat for 5 minutes.
  8. Turn chicken, placing lemon slices under chicken.
  9. Broil an additional 5 to 7 minutes or until chicken is fork tender and juices run clear.
  10. Discard lemon slices.