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This is one great recipe; I pretty much followed the recipe but had some small lemon chips that I added to both the cookie dough and the frosting which gave it an extra kick. (think crushed up lemon drops would do the same thing)and everyone loved this as an addition to my holiday tray. Light, cookies with a lemon punch. YUM

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Bonnie G #2 December 12, 2011

Another winner for my holiday trays. I made the dough as presented but altered the shaping of the cookies a bit to suit our desire to have relatively small cookies for our trays. Used my scoop on the firm dough (mined chilled 4 hours), and them lightly pressed the rounded mounds into logs about 3/4 inch wide and 1 1/4 inch long. Given they were smaller, my baking time was on the lower side. The results were just perfect -- a soft and tender cookie with a lemony flavor and a kiss of tart-sweetness from the glaze. I also loved the lightly nutty flavor from the walnuts as well as the nice texture the nuts added to the cookie itself. Thanks cookiedog!

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justcallmetoni December 02, 2007

These were fun to make & so tasty! Several RZ chefs & my ZWT QQ teammates can tell you I have a spec fondness for the lovely lime, so I made LIME PUCKERS. I usually find the lemon (or lime) flavor in baked goods more subtle than I would like it to be, but the glaze here is great & overcomes that fault for me. Thx for sharing this spec cookie w/us cookie. :-)

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twissis January 25, 2007

Another ter"ruff"ic dessert from cookiedog! These turned out so yummy! The glaze is wonderful (btw, I only used 3 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and that was from less than 1 lemon LOL). I have an aversion to making "log" cookies so I chilled the dough and rolled the cookies in my hands and flattened them. After eating them they remind me of those rolled shortbread nut cookies so would probably work that way too. The dough reminded me of a soft marzipan and I had fun sculpting a pig out of it and then when I was frosting them I was mad I didn't think of pointing the edges to make them look like lemons...that would be cute! Anyhow the only thing that would make these better is if they really were "puckery" but alas they are mild but still very yummy! I will be playing with these again. Made for Zaar Tag.

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Engrossed January 19, 2007
Lemon Puckers