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Pound cakes have always been a point of difficulty for me, but this recipe was a winner. I waited until all my ingredients were room temp and then followed the instructions carefully. I used two loaf pans and baked until a wooden skewer came out without crumbs, but not completely dry. (I started checking at about 45 minutes.) The lemon flavor is present but not overbearing, and the cake is moist and buttery. We all liked the very simple glaze. The hardest part...keeping everybody's mitts off this until it gets to overnight in the refrigerator. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

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Akikobay January 30, 2003

This is great. I thought it would be helpful to say I baked it in one large bundt pan for 65 to 70 mins at 350. Super!

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Beth F. April 17, 2010

Yum!!! Made this cake, just because it sounded delicious. And I was right. This turned out to be a great tasting, moist, pound cake. The lemon is not overwhelming, just enought to know its in there. I glazed one, the second one I cut in cubes and froze. But, I had to rescue it from the freezer within a day. Company came, I made a bitter sweet chocolate fondue and we dipped the cubes in the fondue. Needless to say, there were no leftovers of either version. I will make this again and soon.

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Renate March 03, 2003

I have never been successful at baking pound cakes. My mom bakes them every week from old family recipes and they are superb. I wanted to give it one last try. This Recipe was Awesome! I used slightly more lemon juice in batter for zestier taste. Baked all batter in regular pound cake pan for 2 hours. 90 mins into baking I cut a square of foil. Cut an X in the middle. Placed it over top of the round tower of the cake pan so the crust would not brown further. Removed from oven when inserted butter knife came out clean. Every year for 14 years one of my company's customers gives us pound cakes at Christmas made by a poplular bakery. After tasting my cake, all of my co-workers confirmed that this receipe was better than the one from the popular bakery. I will be making smaller versions of this for Christmas presents this year!! Thanks to all of the tips from all of the reviews listed here...

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mellenj May 28, 2011

Made this for a baby shower at work, was not let down, plate was bare when over.... Thanks MC

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podapo November 11, 2003

This turned out fairly well. I halved the recipe, using just 2 eggs, regular milk instead of buttermilk, and a Tbsp or two of sour cream to make sure it was moist (since I didn't have buttermilk). Since there was no baking time listed in the instructions I read other reviews to get an idea. Then I read the other review that said they halved it and it didn't work out --crusty on the edges and crumbly in the middle--so I was a little worried. I baked it in a large loaf pan, for about 1 hour 20 minutes--and it probably could have used an extra 5 minutes even though the toothpick tested clean...it ended up just a tiny bit underdone but that could have also been due to the fact that I didn't give it time to cool before I cut it. Anyway, while it was baking I checked it at 35 minutes and it looked a little funky...like it wasn't rising well but the edges and part of the top were getting all brown-- so I put foil over the top for 20 minutes, then removed the foil once the cake rose a little more in the middle --then the middle browned too and it was fine. In the end it tasted good and worked for my needs. It didn't crumble either, but the edges were crunchy--if you are adding the lemon topping, I would think that would be a good thing though...then it won't get all soggy.

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Quiltingqueen July 31, 2011

A wonderful pound cake and can even add more lemon rind. I do not (and will not) use lemon flavoring. If you rub the lemon rind into the sugar to extract the oils it will have a more potent flavor. The finished product is a delight. Thanks for submitting.

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waynejohn1234 June 17, 2010

Great recipe, but it wouldn't come out of the bundt pan. I think my pan should have been a totally smooth bundt pan. I didn't want the ingredients ( my Myer lemons ) to be wasted so I basically smushed all together and refrigerated it. We just grabbed some pieces of cake and put fudge sauce over it and it was still delicious.

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dulcieruess January 05, 2010

Lovely! I've become hooked on lemon pound cake from a local coffee place and wanted to make one. I made this last night for the first time and served it today to RAVE reviews. I am so pleased with it. The flavor is delicate and the texture is divine, which was of utmost importance to me. It's solid and dense yet so smooth!! Other than using regular, instead of cake, flour, I followed the recipe exactly. Will add this to my recipe box, for sure!!

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Ladybug2804 December 20, 2009

This was really fantastic! I made for DH's birthday and all were impressed. Thank you for sharing this.

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chefwannabe #3 September 17, 2009
Lemon Pound Cake